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There is no equal in this size to the Medium 10″ Goliath. This lure has earned a solid reputation as a hard working short rigger lure. The Medium Goliath moves aggressively, hugging the water at all trolling speeds, in all weather conditions.

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The Medium 10" Goliath in Kajiki combination features a Orange Yellow Oily outer skirt. This lure skirt has an orange back with black speckles, fading to yellow at the sides with an oily aurora finish. The underbelly of the skirt is clear, also with an oily aurora effect. The Orange Yellow Oily lure skirt is coated in silver glitter all over and enhanced with UV Optical brighteners.

The inner skirt is Orange Pink. This lure skirt has a fluro orange back and a fluro pink underbelly. It has a luminescent pink lateral stripe and is layered with silver glitter all over the lure skirt.

The Kajiki combination is complemented by a pink tinted head.


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